To become a big, you must take the following assessments:

  1. 16 Personalities Test
  2. Strengths Quest

Once you have completed these, email your results from the 16 Personalities Test to 

Requirements for being a Big:

  1. Must complete week in review every Friday. This is to be completed by the big and little. I would recommend this being completed together, but it is not a requirement. 
  2. Must meet for at least one hour a week outside of chapter events to hang out with his little. It is required you do an activity based around the 4 fold development process to help your little finish his checksheet. Multiple bigs and littles can do events together.
  3. Must introduce your little to one new brother who has not signed his paddle every week to help all brothers know their little and potentially get a signature. 


  1. When assigning bigs, I will match you up based on factors much as major, interests, relationship built before and during rush, and based on the results from your Strengths Quest and 16 Personalities assessments.
  2. Everyone except the New Member Educator is allowed to take a little.
  3.  The biggest factor in selecting bigs will be: time commitment, and who can provide the most to their little. 
  4. For those who haven’t completed the expectations from the previous semester such as, lack of time commitment, not getting letter shirts, etc. Failure to do so will result in a probation of not getting a little for that semester.

Summary for Submission

  1. Take 16  Personalities Test and email results to
  2. Take Strengths Quest
  3. Submit Request Below