We are glad that you have shown interest in joining our brotherhood and we look forward to meeting you throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. As an incoming freshman, the decision whether or not to pledge a fraternity, and which one, is a difficult one to make; however, looking back it is hard to imagine what our time in college would have looked like without the men standing beside us now. College is often the time where you will meet some of your best friends that you will carry throughout the rest of your life. Being a Fraternity man allows you to have brothers who are more than just your friends throughout college, and offers unparalleled friendship during your time in college.  

For more information regarding recruitment please contact our Recruitment Chair, Thomas Welch (804-551-1426). He would be glad to answer any questions you might have. 


"I love FarmHouse because it's a unique group of men. We are very dedicated to our philanthropy of raising money for LLS. We are also very open with what we stand for. Promise of Service, sacrificing time, pleasures and comforts to when needed to help out our brothers" -Erik Lofgren

"FarmHouse has shaped my college experience. I joined in the fall of my freshman year and never looked back. I have met a lot of people outside of my normal groups and have gained a group of brothers that will have my back for life.  I am forever grateful for everything that FarmHouse has given me and what I have hopefully been able to give back in return" -Adam Hess

"Joining FarmHouse has really impacted my college experience. The skills and friends that I have gained through joining this organization have impacted the kind of man I have become in a great way. I'm proud to say that joining FarmHouse was the best decision I could have ever made" -Ross Frey


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