How to finish your study hours

New Members Follow this procedure as well

1. Everyone has study hours that have been assigned to them. The hours can be found on the Google spreadsheet found above (Click Button)

Figure 1 - How to interpret the spreadheet

Figure 1 - How to interpret the spreadheet

2. Find a location to meet with a proctor. Proctors must be in attendance of your study hours. A list of the approved proctors, and their contact information can be found below. Other brothers not on this list do not count as proctors. 

3. Study for a test, finish your homework, or perform another academic exercise for your class during this time. 

4. Once you have completed your required time, your proctor will input your hours


Forward all questions to Brian Hensel (267-516-4512,  bhensel@vt.eduand) and Nathaniel Bullard (434-960-3266, )